Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

The coronavirus global pandemic has caused severe damage to various industries.All countries suffered huge losses and their overall progress slowed down heavily.This pandemic received concerning views about how this could be avoided but patience was the only answer.Now gradually lockdown’s in several parts of the countries have been uplifted but there are strict guidelines rules to be followed.Due to this many industries like food, health and service sectors have opened but yet are going through a tough time.The impacts of the pandemic directly affected major companies which also caused millions to be unemployed.Although sectors like hospitality industry were already facing issues before the pandemic came.Especially nightclubs in New York City reveal they are in debt and were unable to pay bills and survive before the pandemic striked.

The nightlife of New York may close

Richie Akiva who is an owner of a nightclub called 1Oak disclosed that numerous other clubs were suffering and going through a hard time business-wise.These clubs were not doing well and hence it caused a lot of debt to accumulate.However, the owners also states his club would do well post-pandemic since many people will prefer to go to clubs for celebrations. Reports say the nightclubs may do well business post pandemic depending upon the situation.

DJ artist do not get paid on time

Several DJ artists anonymously disclosed that multiple clubs still owe them money but they do not publicly talk about it.Curator Jonas Young-Borra revealed in more details as to why DJ’s don’t ask for money if they don’t get paid.Jonas supports these artists and stated since DJ’s majorly depend on the clubs it makes things difficult for them.They can not survive without getting paid but also are scared they won’t be recruited again.


The conditions of nightclubs are vulnerable

There were several reports about clubs going in loss in 2020 however nothing has changed from then since these clubs are still barely surviving.Although there were different initiatives taken by clubs like virtual clubs and drive in concerts but are difficult to execute.

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