Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Nia Dennis

Nia Dennis is an American black gymnast who’s floor routine she performed on Saturday has gone viral on social media. The 21 year old gymnast performed on a mixture of several songs by black artists which are popular. America had seen a mass BLM protests that occurred all over America. Black origin Americans felt vulnerable and this movement was to empower black American citizens and fight for their rights to give them equality. Usually black citizens are common victims of police brutality and discrimination which makes them oppressed. Although now this performance of Nida shows that Americans believes in equality of everyone. The video which was posted on Twitter has been viewed massively for more than 8 million times.

Nia DennisA memorable floor routine by Nia Dennis

Nia Dennis is a UCLA senior performer and even though there was no actual crowd present in the stadium to cheer her due to the pandemic, Nia still managed to get her performance viral on social media. She got a whopping score of 9.95 which is almost a perfect number which was also a winning score for UCLA. Her fantastic gymnast techniques and beautiful routine not only impressed those who watched it but also around the world. Her routine displayed a strong statement for the black citizens of America.

Songs that appeared in the performance

The mashup includes iconic and  famous black artists and their chartbuster songs. Some of these artists are: Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Missy Elliot, and many other singers who have been well established in the music industry. The mashup was extremely catchy was put together by @BeeJayDas.This was a crucial element in Nia’s floor routine which is not being showered by love all over the social media platforms.

Nia revealed her response in an interview

In an interview with Nia  on NBC revealed that she wanted to bring some light of black tradition  and introduce it into gymnastics. Nia said her performance was the reflection of who she as a person now. Later she also stated this was also an honour to her dad and that she couldn’t pick any favourite part since the entire routine was her favourite. Several renowned celebrities tweeted and appreciated the performance.


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