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Brittany Galvin

Brittany Galvin is an American model and was born in Chicago.The 23 year old model and now has been introduced in the 25th season of the show the bachelor.Apparently Brittany likes to socialise and travel but she would like to travel around the world with her ideal man.To find him, Brittany is a participant who will try to win Will Matt’s heart in the show.This season will be an iconic one this is a first show having a black male as a lead.Since it has a lot of buzz, the competition to impress Will has become difficult.Now Brittany is facing serious backlash from other participants of the show who already have caught feelings for Will Matt.Brittany galvin was alleged of being an escort by Anna Redman on the show.Anna and other girl felt agitated at the arrival of Brittany which was displayed when Brittany and Matt were interrupted in their one one conversation. Although the rumour spread by Anna caused huge tension in the house.

Brittany Galvin

Brittany’s reaction to her being called an escort

It looked like Brittany Galvin did not appreciate her being surrounded by rumours so early in the show.Brittany did not like that she was accused of being an escort on the show even though none of the participants knew her.Anna said she did not mean to put it like that and apologised but said others were giving Anna warnings about her.Brittany immediately shut down those allegations and said they are not true and it is ridiculous to think and say it.

Newcomers face backlash which concerned Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston noticed how much the newcomers were being tormented by other women.It concerned her hence she went to take this matter to Matt directly and addressed this issue.Katie said the allegations being spread about the newcomers can ruin their careers and life.Katie seemed to have taken a stand against those who were pulling newcomers down mentally.

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Matt’s response to the career ruining rumours

When Katie came forward with this issue to Matt it gave him a shock.He said this was a huge matter since it involved someone’s career and life.Matt also said you cannot push others down to get a place in my heart.

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