Mon. May 17th, 2021
Michael Della Femina

Michael Thomas Della Femina is an American actor, producer and is the founder of storefront. He has worked in movies like City by the sea, Mandroid and a gentleman’s game. The actor introduced Della Femina Hospitality in the year 2013 as a part of storefront. DHF now gets several projects which includes hotels, bars and even restaurants. The 55 year old has explored numerous fields of work and currently is working on a diner project in Los Angeles. Due to the ongoing global pandemic it has been extremely difficult for food outlets to serve their customers. Also food outlets around the world have suffered huge loss in their businesses especially during the worldwide lockdown that took place. Although now food outlets, hotels and other industries are slowly beginning to open and hence are going back to business.

Michael Della FeminaMicheal Femina to open a new diner

Micheal Femina is all ready to open a new diner which will be a 24 hour restaurant in Los Angeles. Sources reveal that Micheal has planned everything out and as gone back to New York for now. Sources also disclosed that the restaurant will be a hip diner and also be runned by his family. Most probably his location of the diner will be in the west village which seems suitable for the actor. The actor is also working on a television series project called-Martini Confidential.

Details about Micheal Femina’s family

Micheal Femina is about 55 years old and married to Laurie Fullerton and has two kids with her wife. Both his sons are also part of the same company and help Micheal in his work. Currently his sons Jack and William which have prior experience with eatery outlets will also work on their 24 hour diner project.

What makes Micheal Femina’s outlets famous

Mr Femina’s advertising company performs absolutely amazing due to which they get hefty attention. Their company have gotten multiple awards for their tremendous work in the PR agency, digital marketing and advertising. Their Advertisement agency has worked on film and television series like Fishing In The Pool For Buddha and Ivy League Crimelords.

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