Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Madison LeCroy

On Sunday, the “Southern Charm” star took to her Instagram to speak about her story, only two days after exes Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler called out others in a viral social media post. Fans have come up with a theory that the former couple’s message was aimed at LeCroy.

Madison LeCroy

Justifications provided by LeCroy

In two different posts on the platform, LeCroy shared screenshots of her conversation with Cutler and posted a photo with the former NFL quarterback.

In one of the texts, LeCroy was seen asking Jay the reason for his coming to see her. In another text we see her telling Jason that she has done nothing but respect Jay’s privacy and that she would never do anything to jeopardize his family. LeCroy also wrote that she was disgusted that she had been dragged into the mess when she was the one with no-fault. Jay reached out to him with intentions that were not pure. She also said she would never say anything about Kristin but she hates how she is being blamed for everything.

Jay and Kristin’s relationship

Cavallari, 34, and Cutler created an internet storm when they posted identical photos. The couple had announced their divorce in April 2020. The caption said something about users, which caused the netizens to speculate and blame LeCroy for everything that went wrong. While some fans, celebrated the reunion of the couple, others kept targeting LeCroy whose Live session on Instagram raised some questions.

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The incident that caused the brawl

LeCroy is accused to have made fun of a dance video Cavallari made with LeCroy’s ex in December. Earlier this month, Lecroy was asked if she tuned into Kroll and Cavallari’s hangout, which she denied. LeCroy also said in an interview that she is not kissing and telling, pointing to Jay Cutler. This incident caused a lot of ruckus on the internet and caused this online drama to ensue.

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