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Louise Linton

Louise Linton is Scottish actress who starred in horror movies cabin fever and intruder previously in 2016. The actress also has been known for giving small appearances in Tv shows like CSI:NY. The 40 year old actress is married to a the former secretary of the treasury of United States Steve Mnuchin. The actress has now announced an upcoming film project which has been written and directed by Louise herself. The movie will serve as a debut of Louise in the field of writing and directing. The film has been titled me you madness and it will revolve around a cruel yet smart serial killer woman looking for revenge which will be played by Louise. The actress revealed she is extremely proud of the movie.

Louise LintonLong list of Louise’s struggles with controversies

Unfortunately Louise seemed to be on the news often for her scandals or mishaps. In 2016 the actress was slammed on Twitter for misinformation provided on her novel she published herself. The novel had numerous faults about Zambia and confused it with other other countries in Africa. The actress was also bashed for criticizing a troll on Instagram when she stated she paid more tax than the troll. Later however Louise apologized for her comment but actress kept on getting trolled once again  for holding dollar bills to pose and being accused of buying followers.

How did Louise meet Steve

Louise and Steve were introduced to each other by mutual friends in 2013 and eventually began dating each for two years. Later on Louise finally got engaged in 2015 and then the duo tied the knot in 2017.However the actress was previously married to a defense attorney for three years but split.

Louise in the bad spotlight

The actress is often seen as a bad person although it looks like she is trying to improve nevertheless. She has been trolled since her husband worked under Donald Trump’s administration. Hence there were several memes on both her husband and Louise. The actress revealed it was difficult since there were so many restrictions during the time her husband was serving the administrative.

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