Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
LG 32 inch Ultra fine

LG is one of the most amazing and renowned company in the world. But in India there is a different level of craze among people to purchase the LG devices. When it comes of smartphones LG has the newest technology for it consumers. And for televisions, monitors and various other home appliances LG is the first priority of most consumers. The company brings various innovated monitors in the market. Recently it has launched its 32 inch Ultra fine Display Ergo 4k monitor for the Indian market. This device also features one of best technological advances. LG is mainly known for bringing 4K monitors in the market. When CES 2020 was going on this series was introduced at that time. But that time Indian availability was not known. Here it is launched as the model number of LG 32UN880. It consists of two models stands as 32 inch and 27 inch.

LG 32 inch Ultra fineLG 32 inch Ultra Fine Display Ergo 4K monitor Price

The device has already launched in India. It will be available for the price of Rs 59,999. Those who are willing to purchase this monitor they can purchase it from Amazon which is one of the renowned brand in India.

LG 32 Inch Ultra Fine Display Ergo 4K specs

  • In India 32 inch model has been launched by company.
  • It features 31.5 inch display which has resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels.
  • The display even supports for HDR10, 95% DCI P3 color accuracy.
  • It is equipped with a C Clamp stand which enables the monitor to stand on the desk. This stand can be extended and allows the device to adjusted according to eyes suitability.
  • This monitor offers 350 nits brightness which is good for the eyes and do not give too much stress.
  • It has 5ns response time.
  • The monitor can be positioned for perfect height, distance, and angle which suits perfect for the users.
  • It offers fast data transfer.
  • The device can be charged through a single cable.
  • It has two HDMI ports, a display port, and a Headphone Out.
  • For those who have a back problem and they want to adjust the monitor time to time according to your flexibility this seems to be a best monitor for them.

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