Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio movie scenes for “Don’t Look Up” in Boston. 

Netflix unveiled their big 2021 slate of films on Tuesday, crafted from 70 unique movies, which incorporates a primary have a check what can be their largest of the primary  365 days, Don’t Look Up.

The streaming business enterprise unveiled a sneak peek at their movie slate with photographs from several in their new obligations, which ends up with the primary test Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in Don’t Look Up.

The challenge stays filming, beneath the steerage of creator-director Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Short), regardless of the reality that Netflix has not positioned out while they will be aiming to release this

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer LawrenceThe Wolf of Wall Street famous person Leonardo DiCaprio can also be a part of Jennifer Lawrence in David O Russell’s upcoming film Joy. De Niro has additionally reportedly entered negotiations to play the daddy to Lawrence’s man or woman.

The director is reportedly revising the script for DiCaprio, who has expressed fleeting hobby in the real-story inspired drama, in keeping with the Hollywood Reporter. Russell is likewise developing the small characteristic of a QVC authorities for his not unusual collaborator Bradley Cooper. On pinnacle of that, Russell wants to deliver in Robert De Niro after operating with the actor in Silver Linings Playbook. DE Niro has reportedly entered negotiations to play the father to Lawrence’s individual. Lawrence won the Best Actress Oscar for her feature in Silver Linings Playbook and earned a nomination for American Hustle, additionally directed with the useful aid of Russell.

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