Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Larry King

The last time Larry King was spoken to, who has died at the age of 87, was in September 2017. It was only two months after he’d undergone surgery for his lung cancer. King was defiant when everyone asked him to stop working. He said that people will have to carry him out if they were to stop him from interviewing people.

His career and setbacks

He had said publicly that he has had bad days and good days but he was grateful to have his health back and was happy to be back at work. It did not matter to him when he was removed from the show on CNN, where he drew about 1 million viewers per night. The interview show was an eclectic mix of serious newsmakers, celebrities, and authors.

Larry KingThe world’s reaction to the loss

People who have been interviewed by him cannot imagine being interviewed by anyone else. He wasn’t always treated with kindness and warmth, but he loved what he does and everything else did not matter to him. He wanted to be in the spotlight and as long as he was, he did not pay heed to anything else that was going on.

The last days of his career

Larry did not allow CNN to restrict the last few days of his career. He shifted to a digital network Ora Tv and had all big names over at the show too. The final decade of his life was rough, medical issues spurted on with heart and stroke. It is saddening to lose such a legend and the world mourns his loss.

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