Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Katie Couric

Katherine Anne Couric is an American online, tv journalist and author that has been in this field for several years. She has worked as a host for big network news channels and has interviewed numerous popular people from politics to Hollywood. When game show Jeopardy suffered a huge loss after the passing away of legendary host Alex Trebek the makers of the show turned to invites guest shows. There has been one guest show Ken Jennings began hosting from 11th January. Later on it was revealed by makers that 64 year old author will host the show and seems to be suitable too. Although now Katie Couric is being bashed for her comments she made in an interview with Bill Maher. Katie apparently supported Donald Trump’s impeachment and Twitter ban. Although this seemed to affect the audience who support Trump due to which Katie is now criticised.

Katie CouricGuest hosts to appear on jeopardy

After the host Alex Trebek passed away it led the makers to bring guest hosts on the show. There has been a list of guest hosts that will appear for a week’s time and keep the show on.

Political polarisation on game show jeopardy

Katie Couric has now worried the makers of the historic game show jeopardy. Katie recently has an interview where she strongly supported impeachment of trump. The renowned journalist also further stated the GOP and trump voters need deprogramming. These statements have offended Trump voters and they have slammed Katie Couric which is now a major issue for the game show. Usually Jeopardy has been clean and away from meddling into political matters but now after Katie became a guest host things have taken a turn. Many fans of the show are upset with Katie’s comments since the show is now being surrounded by criticism and alleged polarization. Since the show has a massive following and mostly elders watch the show, the makers make sure there is nothing offensive at any point. The makers of the show beforehand were facing criticism for choosing Katie Couric as a guest host and now the backlash might ask Katie to apologize.

Ken Jennings deleted old tweets against trump

Ken Jennings before taking on the responsibility of a guest host of jeopardy deleted his old tweets he made about trump. Jennings was the first guest host to appear on the game show and is known for having a streak wins. Although before he could host, he removed tweets from his account where he roasted trump. He stated they seem insensitive hence removed them yet it looks like the producers of the show seemed to have pushed Ken into deleting them to avoid any kind of backlash.


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