Fri. Nov 26th, 2021
Mysterious Monolith

The discovery of the origins of Monoliths was studied back in 2001: The Space Odyssey, but apparently, that came out to be a real-life incident. And the study failed to solve its mystery.

Mysterious MonolithMysterious Monolith Found in Utah

“Monolith” became a topic of interest and the whole world started talking about Monoliths no sooner did a Monolith appear on the land of Utah. The Monolith was reported to have appeared on November 18th. It appeared in a remote area and became a worldwide sensation at the very moment of its appearance. However, the mystery behind the emergence of the monolith remained a mystery as the object vanished in not more than 10 days of its exposure. No one was able to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the monolith. Though it was assumed that the government must have removed it but the government clearly denied the assumption. The Bureau of Land Management’s Utah division agency stated that there was no proof of that illegal structure being a real monolith and it was removed by a party on Nov 27th. Its origin was unknown so as its disappearance.

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A ‘monolith’ like structure kept on appearing and vanishing in different parts of the world since November, first Utah then Romania, similar structures were spotted in around 30 countries and now it was spotted in Ahmedabad, India!!

Finally, a monolith spotted in India

This is the first time a monolith has been spotted inside the premises of India. A seven feet tall, three-sided prism-shaped like structure made up of shiny steels became a hot topic as it was spotted in a garden on the SG Highway on Thursday morning. It looked enticing and became a hit among the city dwellers, people came flocking to click pictures with it. However, the origin of the monolith didn’t remain a mystery for so long and it came out to be a monolith like steel structure installed by a private company for the visitors. It was installed at Symphony Forest Park on December 29th. Symphony Ltd. and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Jointly manage the garden. It is situated near Gurudwara in the Thaltej area and was recently inaugurated by the Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Symphony Ltd. placed the monolith there. The company didn’t even make any sort of promotions and announcements and kept the mystery alive. Though some of its photos were shared on the Facebook page of Forests Park on December 29th.

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