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Harry styles and Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is a known face in the Hollywood film industry. The 36-year-old actress has starred in movies like cowboys vs aliens, her and a much popular show Skin from 2003-2005. She has been engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis for almost ten years and then split in November 2020. Olivia has two children with Jason and the two actors have also shared the screen in a movie called drinking buddies. The relationship seemed to be working quite well until the couple announced they were ending their engagement on 13th November 2020. The couple further also revealed that their kids are their utmost priority and that the couple has actually split a month before the official statement.

Olivia and Harry spotted holding hands

Recently, Olivia Wilde was spotted holding hands with her new boyfriend singer Harry Styles. It looks like the actress has moved on from Jason Sudeikis and is now dating 26-year-old watermelon sugar singer Harry styles. The couple has a ten-year age gap and it breaks stereotypes that age of your partner matters in dating.

Harry styles and Olivia WildeThis came as a surprise when the couple came out to face the media in style and grace when they were attending a close friend’s wedding.

All about the Gucci and style

The couple seems to be catching a lot of attention for their fashionable and fabulous entry. Olivia wore a gorgeous floral dress from the latest Gucci collection from 2021 and Harry also wore a black Gucci suit and on the underneath wore a white shirt along with a bow. Harry has been known to cross-dress to redefine manly clothes and also convey that men can wear pink clothes as well and that no color is specified for a gender. When Harry posed for Vogue he wore numerous skirts and dresses paired with suits or shirts that created a twist for a masculine look. The whole vogue photoshoot of December 2020 was much appreciated and praised when it was published. Harry styles was on the cover of the magazine posing with his tattoos wearing a Gucci frill gown paired with a black jacket that broke barriers of fashion of men.

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