Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021
Hanson Robotics

Do you all remember Sophia, the humanoid robot? Yes, the one which was unveiled in the year 2016 and had gone viral.  With human like facial expressions, Sophia Humanoid Robot was one of the hottest topics of that time. Now, the company, Hanson Robotics, who was responsible for the making of such “humanoid robot”, has revealed a new vision. According to the company based in Hong Kong, it aims for mass production of the robots by the end of this year. The company feels that due to coronavirus and pandemic situation, the demand of such humanoid robots will substantially increase. Hanson Company announced that he aims to sell thousand of robots in this year with both small and large sizes.

The pandemic will lead to new opportunities for robotics industry, researchers says

 According to the company’s statement the rolling out of Sophia Robot along with three other robotic models in expected in the first half on this year. Many researchers of robotic industry feel that new opportunities for the industry will open amid pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics, said that the world of COVID is going to need more and more automation to keep the people safe. Hanson believes that the role of robotic industry is not limited to healthcare but can also assist customers in many industries such as retail and airlines business etc.

The use of robots have been increasing substantially in recent years

He stressed that the human like expression and nature of Sophia and Hanson Robot will revolutionise the robotic industry forever. These robots will be very useful during these times where people are feeling lonely and isolated due to fear of infection and are forced to remain away from their families and friends. Especially for older people it will serve as an emotional and psychological support. Johan Hoorn, Professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, believes that the pandemic situation will actually help to rolling out of robots in the market much earlier as was estimated because people have started to realise that there is no other way. According to a report by International Federation of Robots, the worldwide sale of robots rose by 32% between 2018-2019. With the mass production of Sophia, it will be interesting to see its sales figures.

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