Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
Ella Emhoff

Kamala Harris is a stepmother of Emhoff’s two children. One of them is even signing with IMG models this year. After Harris getting the position of Vice President, her stepdaughter Ella Emhoff has also took a step forward. The only difference being their career choices. Ella didn’t choose law like her parents, rather the 21 year old decided to make her IMG modelling debut. Ella Emhoff’s knack for modelling is not sudden but she has been studying fashion from Parson’s School Of Design. Technically it is not her debut in the industry, because Ella has been working for some small agencies but now that she has stepped into IMG, it’s obvious her fame will follow a whole new trajectory.

Ella Emhoff

Mixed races in the family

Kamala Harris 56, was born in California and has a mixed descent. Kamila’s ethnicity is not purely American. She is partly Asian American and partly African American. She served as attorney general of California for about 6 years. She was also a member of Senate US for more than three years.

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About Harris and her life

This year Kamala Harris became the first woman in US of America to become the Vice President. Besides that, she also has a mixed race so it is taken as a feat achieved. While being a senator, she earned herself honorary titles and attention. She used to focus on issues like drug abuse, immigrant policy and healthcare system. She pointed out flaws in the Trump Administration and fearlessly raised questions at him. Harris met her husband on a blind date. Emhoff had two kids Cole and Ella with his Ex-wife Kerstin.  He married Harris in the year 2014 in California.

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