Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021
Cruz Beckham

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are two extremely popular star couples who have successfully completed 20 years of marriage. The couple also have four children and the spice girl star Victoria and footballer David both are really fond of the kids. The family is often is seen spending quality time with themselves. Both the stars manage to give their children the time they need from their super busy schedules. Also their kids are adored and have gotten fruitful attention even the paparazzi love to capture these star kids. Although recently Beckham’s 15 year old teenage son Cruz Beckham is on the news due to his weird tactics.

A damaged hoodie for 150K?

Recently Cruz Beckham went on his Instagram and a post was made about his limited edition hoodie which was made by Louis Vitton and supreme in 2017.Cruz stated to put his hoodie on sale although the hoodie has one string missing. This weird post by sneakerbratz account got viral for selling a used hoodie for an expensive price of $150,000.The hoodie is now up for sale starting at $45,000 which again is expensive for a used cloth but raised questions as to why it was put on sale in the first place.

Cruz BeckhamHoodie was actually a gift to Cruz

The limited edition hoodie that is now reportedly up for sale on Instagram was actually a gift given to Cruz Beckham from Kim Jones(fashion designer).Kim Jones is a family friend and hence gave this present to Cruz Beckham. As of now Kim jones have not given any reaction to this but surely he will not like his special designed gift was now on sale.

Users on Instagram dislike this move

Many users on Instagram are commenting on this post and are calling out the family as broke. Also many users seem upset that Cruz Beckham is not giving the money to a good will or charity. Several users online are trolling the post but there has been no reaction from Cruz Beckham for now.

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