Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Concord Fault

An earthquake of small magnitude was felt in the Concord Area on the morning of Thursday, 2021. On the Richter scale, it showed low magnitude of 3.8. The earthquake was felt across the parts of the Bay Area. According to the US Geological Survey, the quake was centred 0.3 miles west of Concord, 2.5 miles northwest of Pleasant Hill and 5.2 miles northeast of Walnut Creek. The residents of cities like Emeryville, Daly City, San Francisco, Pacifica and San Mateo too felt the shaking of the earth.

Concord Fault

Concord Fault is not as dangerous as the Hayward Fault, Says Seismologist

 According to Annemarie Batley, Seismologist of US Geological Survey the tremble stuck on the Concord Fault, which is not as dangerous as Hayward Fault however it is still very capable of causing a strong earthquake that can be disastrous for the city. She further said that in order to have a really large earthquake, long fault is needed and since concord Fault isn’t that much long, it could have produced a magnitude of 6 probably. However, as it turned out, the earthquake scaled only 3.8 in Richter scale, which is not a disastrous earthquake.

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Many People didn’t felt the tremor of this minor quake

 “It reassures me that USGS models are correct and Bay area should expect more earthquake of this intensity, “Batley added. Several people took to twitter and asked netizens if they felt this minor earthquake.

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