Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci is an American actress who has successfully starred in numerous films and Tv shows for her tremendous performances.The 40 year old actress has received multiple awards including a golden globe and Emmy award.The actress has been in the industry ever since she was young 10 year old kid when she debuted in the film mermaids released in 1990.After that the actress never looked back, Christina got immense fame and child stardom which really boosted her career as an actor.The actress has been part of many films and Tv shows which had a massive cult following.Although Christina has revealed she had suffered with anxiety issues and also anorexia.The actress further stated she visited a psychiatrist for it and seeker for a professional helped her immensely and she managed to overcome these problems.The actress was having an amazing life with consistent great projects until in the year 2019 when she became a victim of domestic violence and now the actress is going for a legal restraint against her husband.

Christina Ricci

Court granted Christina’s restraint order

Christina went to court to put a restraint  order on husband who had on several occasions hit her and also has filed a divorce.Christina spoke to the court saying she will not be safe if she lives with an abuser amidst a pandemic due to which the court granted the order.The court hence demanded James Heerdegen to not approach the actress and her child in whatsoever manner and should have at least 300 feet distance.Now the actress is also looking for getting the custody of their 6 year old kid Freddie.

Christina was beaten by her husband

Christina has disclosed that the violence began from the year 2019 and since then the actress had filed a divorce.The actress also stated that in June 2020 she was abused twice when she was badly wounded,cut and even got spat on by her husband.Also the actress was allegedly thrown into some a fire pit outside her house and her kid also saw when James aimed coffee and a chair towards Christina.All of these incidents has left Christina worried herself and her kid’s safety therefore she immediately went to take a legal action against Mr Heerdegen.

Ricci had a protective order on James Heergeden

Christina then soon filed for a divorce and she also got a protective order from court.On 25th June Christina called the police from her house in Los Angeles after a domestic violence incident took place that day although there were no arrests.Later on Christina was given a protective order immediately by the court.

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