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Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke is a 43 year old American actress who has starred in the sitcom real housewives of orange county. The actress has recently revealed she is a lesbian about a month ago and came out in front of the world. After this the actress revealed the news of her being gay, it created speculations that Braunwyn would split from her husband Sean but the duo has not separated. Instead Braunwyn husband supports his wife and allows her dating. Currently the actress is in an relationship with a woman named Kris while being married. Recently on the reunion episode of rhoc all the cast memebers sat together and talked about their experience of last year. There was also a segment when Braunwyn Windham disclosed an incident with Elizabeth Lyn.

Braunwyn thought Elizabeth was gay too

Braunwyn Windham-Burke stated in the episode when she tried to kiss Elizabeth after meeting her.Although Elizabeth did disclose she was bi(bisexual) but did not practice and date any woman. Elizabeth added that she is in a relationship with a guy and has no plans to date a woman for now. This news astonished other memebers in the episode since they did not expect it. In the previous episodes however other cast members managed to get Braunwyn disclose if she was gay or not.

Rhoc’s dramatic moments in reunion episode

There were several surprising moments in this episode where the cast opened about their personal opinions and past. Some of them made the actress extremely emotional and some made them feel remorseful. Elizabeth, the 45 year old actress revealed that she was abused by several men when she was young and in a religious cult group. There was also a part when Braunwyn felt ashamed about sending her teenage daughter a text when she was high. While saying this she immediately broke down in tears and said I am sorry for that, Braunwyn has had an alcohol addiction problem.

Braunwyn’s husband happy wife identified herself

Usually couples split immediately when the other partner identifies to be attracted to another gender but not in this case. It seems that Sean and Braunwyn are very close and hence are still married. In multiple interviews, Braunwyn has stated she and her husband are like best friends. In the episode however Braunwyn also revealed she was never attracted towards Sean ever and it breaks her heart just to say it.

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