Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Ashley Tisdale

Actress Ashley Tisdale had a rhinoplasty operation over a decade ago and she said that she was judged for it and made to feel ashamed after the nose job. She went on to clear all the confusion by saying that the operation was done to correct an ongoing health issue.

Ashley Tisdale

Her views on her surgery

She also said that she did not think that the rhinoplasty will be made into such a deal. She did not undergo the surgery for changing her appearance. After a lot of consultation from doctors, she also made it clear that it was necessary for her to have the operation. It wasn’t a big deal to her.

In many interviews, she said that she was faced with hatred and troll. People called her out even when she was comfortable with herself. She was always proud of who she was but the online hatred made it difficult for her to accept herself.

Plastic surgery and its notion

She also feels that Plastic surgery was not accepted in society the way it is now, and she was scrutinized every moment for her decision and was made to feel bad about it. The actress is currently pregnant and expecting a daughter and does not want her to be treated with the same judgment.

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Tisdale’s journey towards positivity

Tisdale had been very open about everything-her mental health, breast explants, and everything else. She does not want her daughter to face the same shame because of her life choices. She also said that it was never easy for her to be vulnerable and be taken advantage of at the platform where she shared her views and experiences. She came out fighting from all the negativities and hatred.

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