Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Apple Car

Apple is one of the most amazing company around the world. This company stands for the number one position. Apple always brings new technologies and new device with wonderful features in the market. When a word car we cannot image Apple involved in it. As Apple generally deals in the electronic devices. Recently the company has involved in the car project. Hyundai which is the best brand in terms of car will lead thus project. Although there is no such information about Apple or Hyundai that this project will be done under Hyundai. But if we believes on rumors then Hyundai is about to sign the partnership with Apple regarding this project. Apple Car production is one of the most awaited one. The consumers around the world have been waiting for this car since so long.

Apple CarApple Car production

According to the reports which are informed by company that the production of the Car will take place in the Kia’s factory in Georgia. Also this project is expected to be revealed by the company by 2022. If we go in the details then Kia is brand which owned by Hyundai itself. The company will bring great cars in the market. And when Apple and Hyundai merge to bring car in the market the surely we will see one the unique cars in the market.

Apple Car details

According to the sources it was informed that Hyundai make a statement that it is still looking for company to deal in self driving cars. So this seems to be hint that it was taking about Apple cars. But according to various leaks it was expected that the Apple car project is still going on. And very soon we will be able to see Apple cars running on streets. The cars will be electrically advanced and smart vehicle which could work automatically. This seems to be revolution towards a greater step and also the advancement of electric vehicles. Although there is no such official announcement from both the companies that when cars will arrive. Or even the project is going on. So we can just sit and wait for the next step or statement by the company.

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