Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Yeelight is one of the world’s leading smart lighting brands. As in this new technological world, such smart lights are always the first priority of the people. The lights which consume less power and give accurate light is something which every person wants to have it in their house. In this way to keep the upcoming demands, industrial design, and lighting experience Yeelight builts high-quality devices. In order to offer smart lighting and high-quality lighting to the people, such devices are the first preference for the people. Such smart lighting brings fun and entertainment to the people. Such kind of smart lights allows the user to change brightness, power, and color according to their needs and requirements. Recently Yeelight has launched one such smart LED bulb. This is Smart LED Bulb M2 (Color). This device is powered by Seamless Setup in the Google Home app.

YeelightYeelight Smart LED Bulb M2 Features

  1. This LED Bulb is the first such innovation for the Asia Pacific.
  2. It supports seamless Setup in the Google Home app.
  3. It allows the users to command Google for turning on and turning off the lights.
  4. By using Google you can even control the brightness and change the color of the bulb by just using your voice.
  5. This can work easily with you on Google. You don’t need to purchase any application for this
  6. This is the Bluetooth bulb
  7. It has high reliability
  8. It has low latency
  9. This could manage the power easily
  10. It has a luminance of up to 1000 ml
  11. It is bright and gives enough light to the user
  12. This device is amazing and efficient for the regular use

How to use Yeelight Smart LED Bulb M2

To operate this amazing bulb you just need a Google Assistant oriented devices which could be like:-

  1. Google Nest Mini
  2. Google Nest Hub

You just need to say Hey Google to operate this device. This bulb works with your voice. This is one such device that allows you to have an amazing experience with the lights. This is the first such ingestion. And the most amazing thing is that it works with Google.

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