Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

The Hillsong Church is again in the news due to a report which claims that the church is being operated like a nightclub and is giving special treatment to VIPs to make them feel special. The report has been published by “page six” on the basis of revelation by a former “insider”. The “insider” alleged that the megachurch is operating like a nightclub so that the VIPs feel special. He claimed that during its services at Gramercy Theatre important members were given reserved seats while others had to wait in long queue just to get a spot in the last rows.

Hillsong ChurchThe Church is giving special treatment to Celebrities

He further stated that the church used to rent out the space each Sunday to hold its services with reserved spots for celebrities, influencers and other VIPs. Almost 100 seats get reserved for them and for a normal guy he would have to just line up in the queue to grab some seats in the back row. On the contrary, VIPs could come almost in the last minute and still grab the seats. Even if they come with additional guests, suitable arrangements were made to reserve seats for them too.

The Church has been in news due to Lead Pastor’s affair

Several famous celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kim kardashian are the members of Hillsong Church. This church was recently in the news when one of its senior pastors, Carl Lentz, who once served as Justin Bieber’s spiritual advisor, was alleged to be involved in extra marital affair with a young lady. Lentz was fired on November 4, 2020 by the founder of Hillsong Church Brian Houston over leadership issues, breach of trust and most recent “moral failure”. The very next day, Lentz confessed on Instagram on being unfaithful in his married life.

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