Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Many of the companies are trying to develop tablets that are thin, portable as well the one which functions superb. In the line of these development a latest Tablet is being launched by Chuwi that will cover up all of these needs of yours. Let’s know more about it.

chuwiChuwi Tablet performs well in performance test

SurPad was introduced by Chuwi as a new thin and light Android Tablet. The high-performance tablet is structurally robust and comes with a magnetically attachable keyboard that in many areas can significantly boost functionality.

Features and specs of Chuwi Tablet

  • “The SurPad has a textured metallic body and comes with very minimal bezels with a 10.1″ panel.
  • The Tablet can give a reasonably decent viewing experience as an FHD+ display with a resolution of 1920X1080, which has become a requirement for all tablets.
  • The SurPad has an 8-core processor that is capable of handling much of anything you throw at it.
  • The unit feels as smooth as butter coupled with a blazing fast UFS storage.
  • The SurPad’s main attraction would be the magnetically attachable keyboard that has always been an add-on only for premium tablets like the iPad or Microsoft’s Surface phone.
  • Since the SurPad is fitted with a Helio processor, it is no wonder that it will endorse Dual 4G.
  • Processor with Helio 8 core MT677V, GPU Mali G72, UFS storage for 128 GB, RAM: DDR4 4GB memory.
  • IPS View 10.1″ FHD+ (1920X1200), 542G Lightweight body in metal, Dual support for 4G.
  • The Mali G72 GPU deciphered a 4K video very easily and made sure that it was also part of the included UFS storage.
  • The SurPad also features 128 GB of UFS space, meaning not only more storage, but also quicker read/write speeds. The SurPad received an average data transfer speed of 463.29MB/s in the comparison outcome, but sometimes it was able to scale at as much as 552.35MB/s.
  • The SurPad comes with an IPS monitor of 10.1 FHD +. On the SurPad, the viewing experience was fantastic with a 1920X1080 resolution. For an IPS monitor, it provided good colour reproduction and better blacks.
  • For the SurPad, the optional keyboard would be a game-changer. For each tablet, the kickstand is often a must-have. The keyboard typing experience was good, for its form factor, it had decent key travel.
  • The keyboard provided the tablet with the feel of a 2 in 1. Coupled with the keyboard, for usability scenarios such as an office tablet, the tablet is a reasonable choice. It can be used using the Microsoft Office suite for Android to prepare PPTs or DOC files.

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