Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Sasha Obama TikTok Dance Video

Sasha Obama, youngest daughter of the former president of America Barack Obama, has once again gained popularity after making an appearance on TikTok, where she is seen dancing with her friends. The video soon got deleted after, but that was enough to send the video virally across various social media platforms. The 15-second video shows Sasha in front of around 7 people, most likely her college friends, all unmasked and inside a surrounding which is possibly a kitchen. The group performs a popular choreographed dance, vibing to the 2020 song “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” by artist Pop Hunna. The TikTok video was posted on the TikTok feed of one of her friends, not her own, and was taken down within the span of 2 hours from posting it.

Sasha Obama’s “Becoming” Story With First Lady Michelle Obama

The 19-year-old former first daughter is currently an undergraduate student, studying at the University of Michigan ever since last fall. Natasha- her full name- and her 22-year-old sister Malia had recently given unintentional access to their private lives for the sake of their mom Michelle’s documentary “Becoming”,  which was first released in May and revolves around the former first lady’s best-selling book of the same name. On the release of her mother’,s documentary, Natasha told Oprah Magazine that she was proud of what her mother had decided to do, and she states that one of the most crucial activities any human being can do is to “be proud of themselves”,

Sasha Obama TikTok Dance VideoNetizens Pleased To Witness Former First Daughter Living Out Her Teenage Life

 This rare sight of Sasha tempted various people to express their joy and satisfaction on witnessing the teen having basic teenage fun. Most people had tweeted and commented that they were happy to see Sasha “do some teenage sh*t”, as her name had been trending on Twitter with a video of the clip having more than 1.7m views ever since Wednesday. One twitter use had tweeted saying “This girl is living her life, you go girl”, and another Instagram comment read, “So happy she’s out there being a basic teenager.” Her latest video was also noticed by rapper JT, sharing his appreciation by retweeting the clip with a heart-eyed emoji.

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