Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Note series discontinuation

It seems one of the most favorite series of Samsung’s phones i.e Galaxy is going to be discontinued soon. Shocked by the revelation? The latest news from the sources depicts the same. If you want to know more, do read till the end.

Samsung Galaxy Note: Phones that once ruled the world

At launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note series was developed as a series of high-end Android phablets and smartphones primarily based on pen computing, with a stylus pen in all Galaxy Note models and featuring a Wacom pressure-sensitive digitizer and a generally larger screen. Software features that are geared towards the stylus and its large displays, such as note-taking and digital scrapbooking applications, and multitasking split-screen capabilities, are also available in the Galaxy Note models. The Note line, placed above the Samsung Galaxy Series, serves as the flagship smartphone model for Samsung. As Samsung is set to release the S21 series in January 2020, we’ll keep our fingers crossed while monitoring further developments.

Samsung Galaxy Note series discontinuationSamsung Galaxy Note series: Is it going to be discontinued?

The hype machine that has been flooded in recent months about the potential removal of the Galaxy Note lineup of Samsung smartphones has finally obtained some authentication through Reuters. It all started around August 2020 when an unexpected news report has now gained ample momentum to merit the attention of a reputable news source such as Reuters. It now seems almost inevitable that Samsung will finally stop making its Galaxy Note line. The most recent confirmation of this news comes from Reuters and is based on many reliable sources with adequate knowledge of the tech giant’s plans on the subject.

What Reuters report has to say on it?

The Reuters report is also in accordance with the reports monitored by South Korea this week on the problem. The move is likely to highlight the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, along with many other operational and design difficulties posed by the Galaxy Note series, on the declining demand for Samsung’s new phones. Samsung is rumored to be planning to transfer the attention of its development capital to its forthcoming foldable phone range.
Samsung also announced that it plans to add S Pen support to its Galaxy S21 Ultra and next foldable phone in both cases, with the smart stylus being sold separately.
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