Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Russia passes two bills

Lower House Of Russia passes two bills to tighten the country’s grip over social media platforms especially Twitter and Facebook. YouTube is also a part of this ban movement

Lower House in Russia has managed to pass a draft legislation in concern of their online presence and banned content related to Russia. Two Bills were passed by the lawmakers in order to restrict the sites from showing up on the handsets of its general public.

  • As per the first bill, Russian Authorities can be granted permission to restrict certain websites or applications from showing up on Russian Devices or devices used by their public. This action was taken, after their media outlets started complaining about prejudice they faced. According to these media outlets there are some online tech giants that don’t let them use their freedom and showcase every story they cover. As per reports Russian content is getting censored and nobody is doing anything to undo this. Some of these online services are:
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter and,
  3. YouTube

If this bill receives a green tick from upper house, these services will be banned in Russia.

  • The second bill is about the URLs with banned content. According to the lawmakers the court must charge websites and URLs that still have Banned content showing up. If the country banned some malicious information, it shouldn’t be shown without permission and maximum fine that can be levied is around 8 million euros.

Take of Government and General Public

Seems like Russian Government is not accepting anything that harms their economical and political position in any way. Last week, authorities charged Google for not removing banned content from their network. All these things keep happening prior to the elections next year. The lawmakers also picked an example of a Russian media name, which was falsely labelled by Twitter this year. They said that, if it’s only prejudice that they are going to bring their way, it’s better that they be banned in the country.

That’s only from the POV of Government, but if you see how YouTubers from Russia reacted to this, you will realise that the move is not sitting well with all. As per the YouTubers, this bill will only make them suffer and force them to switch professions for sustenance.

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