Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Navale Bridge accident

In today’s growing world, human life has become more mysterious and more prone to death. On the one hand, where we see the world is growing too fast, on the other hand, we never know when will death arrive us silently. In today’s world accidents have become a very common scenario on roads, many Times its human fault while the other time many other factors are responsible bu whatsoever may be the reason when people lose their lives these accidents make us rethink about this problem. An accident that took place in Pune, has again brought up tears and separation. Let’s have a look at it.

Navale Bridge accident

Accident near Navale bridge takes away two innocent lives

The accident site is one of the busiest roads in Pune, which has previously seen several incidents connecting the Bengaluru and Mumbai highways and the area near the Navale Bridge. When a trailer truck rammed through vehicles near the Navale Bridge here, two individuals were killed and seven others injured in an accident. The perpetrators are a car rickshaw operator and a motorcyclist. Three people were seriously wounded.
The accident occurred on the road from Katraj to the bridge at 5:45 pm, Sinhagad police said. The other vehicles damaged in the crash were four vehicles, two motorcycles, and a tempo. All the wounded individuals were taken near the accident site to private hospitals and the three critically injured were transferred to the Sassoon General Hospital.

What police have to say about the incident?

The situation of yet another individual is critical, according to the police. They added that a portion of the front underbelly of the trailer truck was destroyed by a fire that was a consequence of the burst of the tire and the screeching wheel ring. The police have detained Premaram Pannaram Bishnoi, the driver of a trailer truck from Jodhpur in Rajasthan.
Due to a suspected brake failure, he lost control, the police said. The heavy vehicle continued to strike vehicles on the road after a suspected brake failure. “At least eight vehicles were damaged,” Waghmare, inspector of the Sinhagad Road Police Station, told the Indian Express. An offense against the driver of a heavy truck is being reported. Officials from the Regional Transport Office will carry out an inspection of the vehicle to check that the brake failure argument was correct.

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