Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
NYPD Officer Shot in Brooklyn

The NYPD reported that the male officer was shot dead.

A cowardly friend shoots a police officer in the back in Brooklyn. When a police officer encourages his girlfriend. To file domestic violence charges. The police officer had to recover thanks to the miracle of Christmas Eve. However, a bulletproof vest saved his life, sources said. The officer responded to reports of domestic violence. At an apartment on Bergen Street. And Ralph Avenue in Crown Heights at 9:15 p.m. At the same time, officers were talking to the victim. And her mother, her friend fired several bullets. Police sources said.

The police stopped the shooter and took the gun.

Officers remain conscious and alert on the way. However, to King’s County Hospital. It is the second time in a month a domestic violence suspect. It has opened fire. At the same time, answering police officers in New York. The officer, who was assigned to the 77th Division. However, joined the NYPD in 2016.

NYPD Officer Shot in BrooklynWhat did people say about this incidence?

Everald Richard, 51, was walking his dog when he heard more than four shots. “I’m glad they found him. They hunted him as often as possible. However, I have family here. It’s not an easy job. They don’t comprehend if they’re getting home.” Said, Richard.

“He’s just doing his job. We need more police here. He came here on duty and held on. And was shot.”

De Blasio said at a late-night press conference. “It is Christmas Eve. This is a time when you expect peace and harmony. Not such kind of behaviour to Cop.” Aaron Johnson, 39, fled the street. After hearing gunfire in the air. “It’s terrible, it’s terrible. Life is life. Someone was trying to do his job. And he got shot. It’s just a sad, sad person.” He said. “I hope he’s successful. He might have a family. However, He’s a man like me.”

Local newspapers reported

that a guy on his approach to his girlfriend’s home. However, said he was carrying a gun. And would shoot if he reached his house. When the respondent arrived at the scene, however, his friend shot the police officer. Said, Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The officer was apparently rescued by a Christmas miracle: a bulletproof vest

The police officer, who was assigned to the 77th ward. Furthermore, he allegedly joined the NYPD in 2016. He was rushed to a Kings County hospital for treatment.

Incidents of domestic violence are considered extremely dangerous.

It is unpredictable for police officers. However, the shooting comes precisely a month. After two New York police officers were shot. Also, injured while helping an abused woman. To retrieve items from their offender’s home in Queens. Police officers Joseph Murphy and Christopher Wells. However, helped Rondel Goppy’s wife. Although a 41-year-old City College security guard. To retrieve her belongings at the couple’s home in Springfield Park. However, when Goppy stormed off and started shooting. On November 24. Wales kicked in the leg and Murphy in both hands. However, the two officers returned fire and killed Gopi. The two officers were greeted with applause when they were released from Jamaican Hospital on Thanksgiving.

About two months earlier, a prominent gang member. However, opened fire on police officers in response to a domestic disturbance at the Point College home in Queens. According to local reports, the suspect. And his weapon – were arrested. According to the New York Post. The FBI Joint Terrorism Working Group was there.

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