Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Human life has become more reliable on mobile phones and other devices in this world of technology and inventions, but in our everyday life the greatest stress is often low power, have you ever encountered such a situation when your battery was dead. There will be times when you were in need of a charger that would give you a great charging. If you were the one, you landed on the right page, Kickstarter recently launched a Magnetic touchpad that will provide you with seamless wireless charging.

Magfaster Magnetic Touchpad

For base introduces Magfaster Magnetic Touchpad

Often because of the USB cable limitation, it becomes a bit difficult to use the phone while charging. The Fobase launched the Magfaster Magnetic charger through the Kickstarter to address this problem and provide add on comfort in your daily lives. It is designed to wirelessly charge all smartphones in a fast and safe way. This charger has managed to lift more than 200 percent of its target in just under 24 hours effectively

Features and specifications of Touchpad

  • A magnetic pad and four magnetic docks come with the Magfaster Magnetic contact easy charging pack. Each dock is specially constructed with a magnetic plate that provides a stable and strong link to fit particular requirements.
  • The organization states that the device provides 2 times the efficiency of the Magsafe wireless charger.
  • In addition, its improved 4th generation wireless technology will power up the devices easily and comfortably in no time.
  • The Magnetic touchpad also comes with integrated safety for heat, circuit, and power leakage.
  • To protect the devices, these chipsets close down when extreme heat is sensed.
  • In comparison, this unit is simple to use and for successful charging, you simply need to position the charger on the back of your phone.
  • Almost every device works with it, even those that don’t support wireless charging.

5 elements comprise the charging system

Magnetic Touch Power Bank-This device has two models designed for charging the smartphone without the need for adapters or cables with 5000mAh and 10000mAh capabilities.

Magnetic Touch Car Mount-It can be connected to the car mount where the powerful magnetic grip ensures that the phone remains balanced regardless of how bumpy the drive might be.

Magnetic Touch Gaming DockThis unit provides hands-on power and guarantees that the mobile still remains fully charged. When playing games, it stops the cable from restricting movement.

Magnetic Touch Sticky Pads-This device is meant to be mounted for successful use on the back of a smartphone. Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, it comes with a USB connector to allow direct charging along with a TYPE-C port. These sticky pads have a back buckle that serves as a telephone stand and provides a tight grip when used.

Firm Magnetic GripAs each dock is built to accommodate various charging areas, this device ensures that the phone is still securely connected to the power source. It has a 4200 Gauss magnetic power.  

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