Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Social media is one of the best platforms, that connects stars with their fans. The fans and followers no matter where they belong can easily share their concerns or ask any questions with their favorite sportsperson or an actor or a person who simply has social media accounts. Although at times, it is seen when these stars share something irrelevant, they instantly get trolled. Recently, such an incident occurred with Black Panther star Letitia Wright, and later she deleted her Social media handles. What was the full issue let’s have a look!

Letitia WrightLetitia Wright Deletes her Social Media Account

Days only after the actress received a lot of criticism for posting a photo of a coronavirus vaccination conspiracy
theorist on her social media profiles, ‘Black Panther’ star Letitia Wright removed all her Instagram and Twitter handles. The video which she shared became the talk of the town, most of the Netizens criticized her for the deed, she was receiving lots of hate speech and criticism on her accounts.

Letitia also justified her shared video earlier in her tweet

Not only did Wright receive criticism for sharing the video, but also for justifying her choice to release the connection. If you are not in line with common beliefs. But ask a question and think for yourself… you’re being canceled,’ Wright said during a presently Friday tweet. The Guyanese-British actor, best known for portraying the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) tech wizard Shuri, later wrote that the goal of sharing the link was only to raise questions on what the vaccination could include. My purpose was not to harm anybody, it’s my Only intent to post the video that sparked my questions about what the vaccination involves and also what we put in our bodies. Nothing else,’ she wrote in another, now deleted, tweet. Don Cheadle, co-star of Wright’s “Avengers: Endgame,” said he would carry up that issue to her individually after he has been mentioned in the threads by some users.

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