Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
GUCCI Released Fresh AirPod Cases

Apple is a globally famous and well-reputed tech giant known for supplying its very own unique range of devices which strictly do not adhere to the technology that of Android devices. GUCCI, on the other hand, is one of the most popular luxury fashion brands famous for manufacturing stylish handbags, belts, footwear, clothes, and more from the fashion company. When these two elements combine, with GUCCI volunteering to manufacture accessories for Apple, we can definitely expect the products of their collaboration to be bloody expensive. And just as unsurprisingly, that is the very raw characteristic of GUCCI’s brand new stylish, fancy cases which were made just for the AirPods.

GUCCI’s Cases Are A Modified Necklace and A Unique Keychain

The popular Italian fashion brand has launched two new case models for Apple’s AirPods. The first model is named “GUCCI AirPods Pro Case.” It can be worn around the neck- like a mini handbag- and also as a necklace too, by using the detachable strap. As mentioned in the name, this specific accessory is specially designed for the AirPods Pro. It is manufactured by using leather, metal and beige and ebony coloured GG Supreme canvas. It can be noticed that the case also has a key and faux locs, creatively borrowed from the brand’s “Bamboo Line” and “Padlock” ranging handles. Finally, the interior display of the case is coloured red and features a stylish magnetic clip for opening and closing. The second accessory is called the “GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case,” and can be attached to a bag, key, or belt loop, since a clasp to the accessory exists. This case is made of dark black leather and a golden coloured metal and also flaunts the brand’s epic double G GUCCI logo.

GUCCI’s AirPod Cases Price and Availability

With regard to the costs of the accessories, the GUCCI AirPods Pro Case costs a whopping $1,100 and the GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case is priced at $460. The amount of expensiveness is not surprising, as it was obvious that the cost would be recklessly high, taking into consideration the companies incharge of manufacturing the products. It is not yet confirmed if the products will be available on online shopping platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

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