Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
British MPs Request Modi

The support India has been receiving from foreign countries over the Farmer’s Bill has now begun for the farmer movement in the country. Sikh and Punjabi farmers of India along with the rest of the world have joined this movement which is slowly but surely going global. Two days back, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had commented on the farmers movement in a recent tweet. Now, with leader Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, around 36 British MPs wrote to the UK’s Secretary Of Foreign Affairs Dominic Rab, requesting him to bring the issue to light with regard to the farmers’ frustration in India along with his counterpart. The leaders who are confirmed to have signed the letter are the Labor, Conservative and former Labor leaders of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Virender Sharma, Valerie Vaz, John McCollan, Seema Malhotra, Jeremy Corbyn, Peter Bottomley, Alison Thewlis, Nadia Whittom and Martin Docherty-Hughes.

British MPs Request Modi To Reconsider The Laws

The contents of the letter include the concerns, requests and demands of the Sikhs of Britain and those who are closely associated with Punjab. Various British Sikhs and Punjabis have raised this controversy in front of their MPs. It is also revealed that several other MPs had lately written to the Indian High Commission about the impact the three agricultural laws have in India and the hurt it inflicts on the farmers. It was also stated in the letter that the passing of these laws unconstitutional on the basis of the majority without any consultation or discussion with the farmers or the Parliament fails to protect the farmers from heavy exploitation and does not ensure their prices of their products. Meanwhile, many British MPs had also passed many comments and opinions on Twitter regarding the “peasant movement.” The president of the All Party Parliamentary of British Sikhs Preet Kaur, had expressed her reaction to the so called “peasant movement”, saying that this was no way to treat citizens who were only peacefully protesting against the Farmer’s Bill; the tear gas and water splashes were only used in order to silence them.

British MPs Request ModiMajority Of The Northern States Come Together At Delhi’s Border To Protest

Thousands of farmers Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana and other central Indian states have continued to stop and reside at the outskirts of the borders of Delhi in protest, resulting in heavy traffic blocks. The farmers were strictly against the Bill, saying that the three laws were “hastily passed” and had several disadvantages and illogical orders, and they (farmers) claimed to know what was best for them. Akali Dal Stalwart and former Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal had returned his Padma Vibhushan award, along with the Akali Dal leader Sukhdev Singh who said that he too, would return his Padma Bhushan while observing the protests that has been dragging on for 9 whole days.

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