Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

American rapper and singer, Sean Combs better known by his stage name ‘Diddy” is proving to be a messiah for Miami residents. The founder of “Bad boy Entertainments music label, Diddy has announced to grant to a local organisation in order to help Miami families to pay their house rent amidst pandemic situation. The grant will benefit a total of 175 families of the city.

”Sean Combs has been in the charity work in past too”

The rapper announced of this noble work during an event at the House of Wings on Tuesday. He also helped families with hygiene essentials, gift cards to the affected families. Moreover, his foundation, Daddy’s House Social Programs, which was founded to help city youths, is also partnering with Teen Exercising Extraordinary Success (TEES) for the initiative. The rapper had a long history of philanthropist work. He helped victims of “Katrina’ hurricane in 2005 and donated $1 dollar along with clothes and other essentials. Acknowledging his charity work, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley named 13 October 2006 as ‘Diddy Day”. He also helped students, who are not able to pay tuition fee, of Howard University by establishing “Sean Combs Scholarship Fund”

Diddy“The rapper was not only successful in music career, but also had a deep impact in charity work”

Born on November 4, 1969 Sean Comb’s career has been amazing. In his outstanding career, he went on to winning three Grammy awards and two MTV Video Music Awards. He also associated himself with “Uptown Records’ working as a talent director. In the year 1993, he created his own music label by the name of “Bad Boy Entertainment’. Apart from his success in the music industry, the rapper is widely appreciated for his charity work.

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