Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Covid-19 has been raging pain and infliction in all directions since its inception. From the health sector to the employment sector, it has not spared even one aspect. However, amongst the race for saving lives, one has to see how the pandemic has affected the employability status of people. In a research, it was found that three out of four Indians, have experienced their first recession. But, the most affected people are the ones who indulge in the most precarious work conditions. The pandemic saw the return of thousands of migrant labourers from their work locations to their home towns as the government failed to provide them with the basic necessities to survive the pandemic. The most affected amongst all sectors being the Construction Sector. Apart from this, the hospitality and tourism sectors have also suffered huge losses due to the lockdown and the pandemic. It is worth noting that it would not be an easy ride for these sectors to the return to their previous positions post pandemic.


There was already an unequal effect on the market in the time period preceding the pandemic. The labour demand and labour supply were not consistent with each other. Unemployment was a serious issue previously and due to the pandemic this situation has heightened. Young men and women search for jobs but to no avail. The accessibility to educational institutions has in turn brought out more educated youth in the market, with no apparent creation of sufficient jobs. It is therefore, an issue which has to be seriously dealt with.

Gender imbalances

Gender imbalances have always been a part of the patriarchal society. And left no opportunity to exercise this idea amidst the pandemic. Research shows that women have been more affected in terms of employment in comparison to men. Women are considered to be less valuable than men owing to their supposed weaknesses. Therefore, women are more likely to suffer lay-offs. Women, working as domestic helps have been affected quite a lot due to the pandemic. It has made them wander in search of jobs to earn their living. Apparently, people who live in urban areas and have no domestic helps are also suffering. According to economists, workers are again being pushed into poverty. However, it is essential for the government to initiate reforms to enable such people live a decent life and at the same time move towards a positive growth.

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