Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Coronavirus Vaccine

Education workers and advocates are forcing Governor Greg Abbot to allow teachers and school staff to be admitted as front-line workers so that they can be the first group of people to have immediate access to the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible. The first dose of coronavirus vaccines would cleanse and immunize around 1.4 million Texans, starting from the middle of December as long as the vaccine candidates are permitted and approved by the US officials as the drugs are from Pfizer and Moderna, Gov Abbot informed the citizens on Wednesday. The Texas Classroom Teachers Association and the chair of the Texas urban Council of Superintendents and the Fort Worth ISD superintendent Kent Scribner had sent separate letters to the gov earlier this week, requesting that the teaching staff be recognized as first-line workers as they are required to work and teach in person at a large number. Clay Robinson, a spokesperson from the Texas State Teachers Association said that though students may not want to be in school physically, having access to the vaccine would definitely “ease some of their concerns a bit.” Scribner also added that the teachers present in the areas where the infection rates are the highest must be given first priority.

School Teachers, Staff and Students To Be The First Ones To Get The Vaccines

Initially, the “first tear” of the Texan citizens to have special access to the vaccine (as per the state) are those who belong to the hospital staff coming in direct contact with the patients, staff at nursing homes, emergency medical service providers, other long-term care facilities, and various other home health aides who are in charge of managing “vulnerable and high-risk” patients. If the supply of doses is in excess, then the “second tier” of health care workers which include the workers in doctor’s offices, mortuary workers, school nurses, embalmers and medical examiners will receive the second round of vaccination. Front-line workers and those who are medically vulnerable are also deemed important according to the state but so far the state health group leading the vaccine extension has not mentioned who will be considered as a front-line worker.

Corona Cases Have Spiked Up Ever since The Reopening Of Schools In July

The public schools of Texas have confirmed the reports of 31,678 known student infection cases and 18,742 staff cases of the coronavirus ever since late July, when schools were reopened for the sake of the country’s economy. Health experts say that the reports are partly useless as most people who are infected with the virus do not display any symptoms. Abbot announced in October that eight Texas schools would get a quick vaccination as a part of the pilot program. Health officials have also confirmed that the rapid and widespread vaccination would assist the state in acquiring the full-on COVID-19 testing results faster. There has been no reduction in infection rates and admission as the state currently undergoes an “unsustainable increase in hospitalizations” and not enough beds to support the patients. The amount of Texan citizens being infected with COVID-19 on a seven-day average basis has alarmingly tripled ever since the beginning of October.

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