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Michael Alig

He is a well-known party shouter organizer. And he was eventually arrested for murder. Later he was found lifeless from a heroin treatment. However, on Christmas Eve, executives announced Friday.

Michael Alig was found unresponsive by his friend at his Manhattan apartment Friday morning
His friend told police that Alig used heroin before he died; Police officers are believed to have arrested the heroin and drug suspects.

Alig was freed from prison in 2014 after working 17 years. For the severe murder of his friend Andre “Angel” Melendez.

Michael Alig

The 54-year-old former inmate turned into a murdered prisoner, was found by his ex-girlfriend on his block in Washington Heights just before midnight, authorities said.

The former Alig was “there and saw him pass out and called 911,” said a police source. “[Alig] is on his side.”

Detectives found several zippered plastic bags from the house

That appeared to contain heroin and a drug-giving device.

Alig’s death is the final chapter in a gritty, sensational – and certainly cautious – tale about trying to make it big in the Big Apple and finally giving in to its excesses.

In his heyday, he was known as the self-proclaimed “King of Kids Club”, a hedonist group of poorly dressed drug addicts who hosted the hottest nightclub parties of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Alig said The Post in an exclusive interview in 2014. About how he grew up as a gay man in South Bend, Indiana. On Izod – and felt like he had finally returned home. After arriving at the Big Apple in 1984.

He went to New York to visit Fordham University

And immediately met a student named Louis, who shaped the way of his life. The modern man, the girlfriend of famous pop musician Keith Haring, used Alig to a party that her handsome husband started at the now-defunct organization on Hudson Street.

Louis wore white underwear and body paint as he led the pair past the unruly doorman. Upon entering the joint, Alig said he was addicted.

“[I was] a Midwestern criminal who had come to New York looking for acceptance, opportunity, and pleasure,” Alig told the Post.

“As a gay teenager grappling with my sexuality, I was shocked and excited. It was freeing,” he composed of the wild scene where androgynous figure Grace Jones honored with about 300 different people.

“Talk about living in the right spot at that second,” stated Alig. “While other parts of the country are rooted in the Reaganomics Depression and [anti-drug campaign],” just say no, “downtown New York is having a moment.”

What an extraordinary moment. “Outstanding” is the word of the day. The wilder, the more eccentric the makeup, hairstyles, and costumes the better – and nothing are more revered in an alien hierarchy of looking aliens than men of the opposite sex.

Alig left out of school and entered the group. She wears her own version of elegant make-up and out of the ordinary clothes to organize parties in tunnels, spotlights, and other nightclubs.

He became part of an exclusive landmark group on stage known as “Club Kids,” which “only got paid to show off and add a few fairy tales to it,” recalls Alig. But with fame and excessive wealth comes dangerous traits, including drugs.

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