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EV Extinction MK1

December 25, 2020 Making a big step towards “Local for Global”, Siddhartha Bagri’s owned startup, Pravaig Dynamics unveiled the look of its first Electric Vehicle (EV), Extinction MK 1 earlier this month. This Made in India EV is scheduled to be launched in 2021, initially offering the sale only for commercial fleet owners and not for individual customers. With some state of the art features, this EV looks promising in promoting trend of EV in India. The company aims to produce 250 units per year.

Features and Specifications of this EV from India’s own TESLA

In terms of design and look, this EV looks similar to TESLA cars. It is a four-seater electrical sedan with luxurious space inside it as quoted by the company. However, the interior of this EV has not been made public. The thin LED strips in the headlamps gives it an attractive look. Extinction MK 1 EV is powered by96 kWh battery which charges to 80% in just half an hour. With the help of 201 bhp electric motor producing instantaneous torque of 2400 N-m at the wheels, it can sprint from 0 to 100 kilometers in just5.4 seconds achieving a top speed of 196 km/h. However the most stand-out feature of this locally made EV is its running distance in one go. The company claims that it can travel up to 504 km in single charge in ideal conditions. If these claims turn out to be true than it will be longest travelling range provided by any EV in India. The current leader in India in terms of driving range in EV segment is Hyundai Kona with 452 km in one charge followed by MG ZS with 340 km range. Even the newly launched Mercedes Benz EQC SUV is way behind, providing just a range of 350 kilometers. In terms of safety too, this electric vehicle stands out with a 5-star rating. More details will only be available after its launch in 2021 but for now we can surely say that it has created huge excitement in EV segment.

EV Extinction MK1Future of Electrical Vehicle in India looks bright and promising

In recent years, many car manufactures have come up with EV in India. In order to control pollution and our ever increasing dependency on fuel, the concept of EV is prerequisite. However till now there was not any significance development in EV segment from Indian Car Manufactures. With the unveiling of Extinction MK 1 EV and looking at its ambitious features and specifications, the future of India’s EV looks promising.

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