Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Author Hilaria Baldwin finally breaks her silence amidst controversies on her Spanish background. Several theories have been circulating on the social media that she is faking his Spanish accent and overstating her connection to Spain. The controversy erupted after a tweet surfaced which admired Baldwin’s dedication of impersonating a Spanish person.  Hilaria, wife of Alec Baldwin, shared a video on Instagram to clarify his Spanish accent and her ethnic background. In the post, she wrote that she take the “questioning” on her identity very seriously. She confessed that she was born in Boston and spent time with her Family between Massachusetts and Spain. She said USA is a country of different ethnic groups and she feels really proud two grew up in both Spanish and American Culture and being able to speak both Spanish and English.

Hilaria Baldwin“My accent is not fake, I tend to mix English and Spanish”

In the video, Hilaria also clarified on questions with her accent. She said that if she has been speaking a lot of Spanish, she tends to mix them with English and vice versa but in nervousness or something, she starts mixing the two. She said that she want it to be “very clear” that she does not fake her accent anytime.  She also went on to clarifying controversies regarding her name. She said that she was “Hillary” in the US and Hilaria in Spain.  I identify myself as white “she added”.

Hilaria’s Second Video again sparked the Controversy

After some hours, Hilaria shared another video for further clarification. She said that she spent a lot of her early childhood in Spain and moved to Massachusetts only when she was 19 years old. However, it has been revealed by Internet sleuths that she studied the Cambridge School of Weston. Hilaria also denied the allegation that she had told that her mother is Spanish.

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