Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

One of the most speculated Apple phones, i.e. foldable phones is soon to be launch. Yes! You read it right. Apple is soon going to deliver foldable smartphones. Recently Apple seems to register a brand new design and it is speculated that it is the new foldable iPhone. What is the full issue, Let’s have a look.

AppleApple patents a unique hinge design, Is it a Foldable iPhone?

A new Apple patent has reappeared, with the company outlining the mechanism of a distinctive hinge design. It is understood that through these patents, the company has been working on several different ideas, with the latest one demonstrating how a monitor will extend for what might probably be a potential foldable iPhone along with the hinge articulation points. The Cupertino-based company had one of its patent applications released earlier this week, according to an Apple Insider article. The patent was titled “Electronic devices with folding expandable displays.” In the past, Apple has licensed some prototypes for a foldable iPhone and this comes as more evidence maybe sometime in the future the company will introduce a foldable smartphone.

What’s there inside the patent?

The company’s work on the hinge structure is a noteworthy feature of the new patent. Looking at the patent, it is possible to observe a multi-link hinge structure which means that the hinge does not consist of one single mechanism but in its totality of several complicated mechanisms. The patent also notes that “gear teeth, belts, and/or other movement synchronization structures” may be included in the hinge structure and may also feature “members that move during bending relative to each other.” Compromise bars and ties with opposing curved bearing surfaces may also be used in all of these mechanical parts.
This will even require stop surfaces that would “prevent the bars and links from rotating excessively with respect to each other The links might also be able to rotate around a pivot point that lies separately from the hinge framework “living within the display thickness” somewhere in the display. In simple words, the patents may be for an iPhone or even an iPhone with a slide-out display for a kind of customizable display. This is representative of the “housing infrastructure that supports folding, sliding, scrolling, and/or other behavioral movements,” which could be for a portable computer that can provide additional real estate for the screen. It’s still too early, sadly to say what this display technology is really for. Apple might only include it in a product other than the iPhone.
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