Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
YouTube Rewind 2020

YouTube, is the favorite platform for all of us. This platform has been serving us each and every kind of information, news, blogs, and whatnot. This is the reason why YouTube is loved all that much. YouTube every year features a YouTube rewind video at the end of every year, but this year YouTube is not going to release one. YouTube Rewind is a video series that YouTube and Portal A Interactive have made and developed. These videos are a summary and a recap of the viral videos, events, trends, and music of each year. The number of YouTube celebrities featuring has risen last year. Let’s have a look at the issue of why they are not releasing it this time.

YouTube Rewind 2020 Edition gets cancelled

YouTube has been known to release a special video called Rewind at the end of the year for about a decade now that features makers from various different websites, it also features individuals and trends that were influential that same year. YouTube says it ain’t going to happen for all those looking forward to this year’s edition.

YouTube Rewind 2020Why YouTube is going to cancel the 2020 Rewind Edition?

The company has also released an official statement saying- “2020 was different,” emphasizing that “it doesn’t look right to proceed as though it weren’t.” This is the first instance that Rewind won’t appear since the annual celebration began on YouTube in 2010. Even though Rewind in recent years has become a bit of a joke to the creator community, it became the most hated video of all time in 2018, it is still a staple of the culture of YouTube, even if people just use it to dunk on their own videos. Also, CEO Susan Wojcicki has also told the world that they are a little cringe-inducing, to be honest.

We know that so much of the good that happened in 2020 was created by all of you,” the statement from YouTube reads.” You find ways of getting people up, helping them cope, and making them laugh. You(People) have seriously made a hard year easier. While most of us all were trapped at home due to the pandemic, YouTube saw growth in use as more individuals spent time watching content online. According to the company, views on videos focused on with me”-stylized content (get ready with me, work out with me, research with me by the end of March saw a heavy increase in viewership. YouTube along with some other sites such as Twitter and Facebook have also taken up live streaming.

Will YouTube Rewind return the next year?

YouTube has not told  whether YouTube Rewind would return in 2021. Many speculations are there while many other rumors too but let’s see the future will answer why did YouTube takes this step to stop the video.

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