Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
YouTube Down Globally

YouTube the online platform, that gives us each and every information. From those shopping ideas to DI’s just click on the app. And there you go. YouTube has been everyone’s favorite since its launch. You can access everything on YouTube from surfing about a study-related problem or anything, You can video of doctors, engineers, lawyers, influencers, professionals, travel blogs, and what not on the platform, But what if it goes down for a long time. Yes! You rad it right YouTube went for a huge downtime for two hours today. Let’s have a look at the issue of how and why it happened.

YouTube got down for 2 hours

If you were just trying to fire up a YouTube video and ran into problems earlier: don’t worry, it’s not just you. For many at the time, YouTube playback was down, with generalised anecdotal accounts as well as a spike over at DownDetector. YouTube, the online video site of Google, is one of the sites that seldom see downtime; but it was an exception today. The outage that didn’t allow users to play videos on YouTube was mentioned by a lot of people on Twitter. Before going back up, the video site was down for over an hour. The problem has since, however, been fixed and YouTube is officially backed up.
All during the outage, both the G Suite Status dashboard and Google Cloud status dashboard report green, but a fast search on Twitter or Facebook shows mounting evidence of issues.

YouTube Down GloballyWhat did YouTube say on this issue?

YouTube was fast enough to notice the outage and posted on Twitter, “If you’re having trouble viewing YouTube videos right now, you’re not alone-our team recognizes the problem and is working on a patch. We’re going to follow up with some updates here.” The service was down for over an hour, and with over 200,000 user tweets, the hashtag YouTube down made it to top topics on Twitter in hours.
Reports were common and did not seem to be confined to any one region or industry. The search and browser of YouTube still operated on many sites, but attempting video playback actually stalled trying to load or threw an error.

Finally, Our favorite YouTube is backed up to watch

YouTube has not disclosed any explanation why it was down for users worldwide, however for thousands of users, it seems to be a big problem that caused the downtime. At approximately 7:43 am IST on Thursday, TeamYouTube took to Twitter to announce that the services had been restored. “If you’re having trouble watching YouTube videos right now, you’re not the alone-our team is aware of the problem and is working on a patch. We’re going to follow up with some updates here,” read the YouTube Twitter tweet handle.
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