Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Whatsapp, an application which is used by millions worldwide. Whatsapp in recent years has become a synonym for communication. Whatsapp has totally changed the outlook of the world. We have all seen WhatsApp always mesmerizes us with its new and latest feature. In the line with this, Whatsapp is all set to introduce a new feature. If you want to know more do read till the end.

WhatsApp feature

Upcoming Whatsapp feature to Mute Videos

The much-awaited ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature was recently launched by WhatsApp. The function allows users to send messages that will display for a specific period of time, as the title indicates. WhatsApp instant messaging app is supposedly experimenting with a new update that will allow users to mute their videos or put them up as status before uploading them to their family members and friends.

The Facebook-owned company is now creating a mute video feature and it has appeared on a beta update, as discovered by WABetaInfo, a website that monitors WhatsApp. One can see the possibility of muting the video together with the trimming option in the screenshot posted by the WhatsApp features tracker.

WhatsApp new feature specification

  • A screenshot that gives us an early look at how the function will work suggests that on the left side of the screen, there is now a speaker icon right next to the length and file size information. Folks would be able to tap it to silence the audio of a video that they want to post or place on their status with a friend.
  • The function is still being developed for beta testers and is not yet available. Nevertheless, we hope that before the end of the year it will arrive.
  • Another function that has been noticed has been under creation, and “Read Later” is one many users would love. This feature brings archived chats to another stage and (archived chats) have been stated to be a substitute for them.
  • You will not get new chat messages when you place a conversation under ‘Read Later’.
  • Under Read Later, there is also an edit menu that allows users to pick several chats and simultaneously delete them from the folder.
  • A settings menu will also allow you to choose whether to save received media to your gallery, backup chats under the group and when you receive a new post, chats will automatically be unarchived.

More features of Whatsapp are in the line

“WhatsApp is now focusing on developing features after allowing Advanced Wallpaper features and Disappearing messages. A report by WABetaInfo reads: “The very next feature available in a future update, would allow mutating videos before sending communication or status updates.WhatsApp has also begun rolling out to more users advanced wallpaper features. For each chat, this feature allows users to set a different wallpaper. You can choose to set one wallpaper for all WhatsApp chats or choose another one manually for each chat.

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