Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Turkish Coast

Several boats in Sigcik, Turkey get washed off at Teos Marina on October 30. The boats wash away happens after an earthquake of magnitude 7. A number of buildings fell. Turkey’s disaster management agency tells twenty-six casualties have occurred. Around 257 human lives were injured. Rescuers pull out heavy blocks of concrete without equipment on Saturday desperately looking for survivors from the strong Earthquake. The earthquake flattened buildings in Greece and Turkey with 26 deaths. Most infliction occurs in Turkey surrounding and inside the Aegean resort city of Izmir. Having 3 million residents and bubbling with high-rise apartments. It is not known how many people were under the pile. The quake grabbed a power-packed tiny tsunami on the Aegean island of Samos and a sea pulling rivers to streets on Turkey’s west coast. After the hit, Turkish police gives 24 casualties along with 800 injuries after quake’s beating in the coastal area of Izmir.

Turkish Coast
Turkish Coast

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Greece destruction in Marina

In Greece two teens, boy and girl were crushed by a building on Samos Island. People went to the streets in the city of Izmir post 7.0 magnitude quake run. The destruction is intense with multiple story buildings in the city’s area are having trapped people screaming for escape. Smoke airs in many regions. Tunc Soyer, Izmir Mayor tells 20 buildings flattened in the tragic incident. The city is third in size with 4.5 million citizens. The interior minister tweets of six buildings destruction in Izmir. The city’s governor Yavuz Selim Kosger says 70 people are freed now. Further saying four buildings destroyed with 10 collapses, and other breakings along. The small tsunami pulled by an earthquake in Seferihisar district. Huseyin Alan, head of Turkey’s Chamber of Geological Engineers asks people to be precautious of buildings. Videos of debris inclusive of refrigerators, chairs, and tables on the streets. Cars flowing in water and going upon each other. The wrath is going to be intense.

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