Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Tropical Storm Eta

We, humans, are although so powerful, we developed science we developed technology even we conquered moon but still we are no one when it comes to nature. Millions of humans loose their lives every year because of many of those natural disasters. We mere humans who are considered as the biggest asset that was created by Mother Nature are still so powerless and deemed to our faith and luck when it comes to our fate in natural disasters. There are many disasters in the world every year. Many are noticed while many are not. The recent tropical storm that is heading towards Florida’s west coast is sure to be a threat to the people living there. Let’s have a brief look at the whole issue.

Downgraded Tropical Storm Eta seems to appear again

Early Thursday, with heavy rainfall across West and Central Florida and potential flash flooding in South Florida, Tropical Storm Eta is predicted to bring life-threatening storm surges to the Florida Gulf Coast. A Tropical Storm Alert was released northward from the Flagler / Volusia County, Florida line to St. Andrews Sound, Georgia, ahead of the predicted landfall of Tropical Storm Eta across North Florida beginning on Thursday, according to 10 p.m. of the National Hurricane Center Advisory.
Tropical Storm EtaAccording to the National Hurricane Center, Eta is forecast to pass northeastward into the western Atlantic late Thursday and early Friday. The center said, “There is a possibility of life-threatening storm surges along portions of the Florida Gulf Coast from Bonita Beach to the Suwannee River, including Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor.”

Eta gains status of Category 1, Citizens under threat

The National Hurricane Center said at 1 a.m. that Eta was about 65 miles north-northwest of St. Petersburg and moving north at 10 mph with top winds of 60 mph. Update EST. Eta became a Category 1 hurricane early Wednesday, but by the afternoon it was downgraded to a tropical storm, and the hurricane warning was discontinued for parts of Florida’s west coast.
With maximum sustained winds of 65 mph and greater gusts, Eta is also beginning to demonstrate signs of weakening. After strengthening into a Category 1 hurricane on Wednesday morning and weakening to a tropical storm by the afternoon, the storm continued to produce heavy rains across parts of west-central Florida on Wednesday night. As it approaches the state’s west coast tonight, gradual weakening is anticipated to begin, accompanied by rapid weakening after landfall on Thursday.
Tonight, on the forecast map, the center of Eta will move closer to but just offshore of Florida’s west-central coast, and move inland on Thursday over the northern portion of the Florida peninsula. For portions of the west coast of Florida, tropical storm and storm surge alerts and warnings are also in place.
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