Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
TCL 34-inch R1000 165Hz ultra-wide gaming monitor

If you are a game lover or you are the one who is interested in knowing those latest developments and innovations in the gaming platform. You have simply landed on the right platform. The news is surely going to make you happy a lot. If you ever imagined having a monitor that is specially designed for playing games. Your dream has come true. The monitor that you ever dreamt of is finally here. If you want to know more., do read the full article.

TCL unveils World’s First Gaming Monitor

The world’s first 34-inch R1000 165Hz ultra-wide gaming display was introduced by TCL’s China Star Optoelectronics Technology. This implies that the display is bent around a circle with a 1000 mm radius, and this is precisely the curvature that the field of view of a human has. 1000R curvature displays better fit the curvature of the human eye than 1500R versions, so they are better viewed visually and provide games and movies with better comfort In developing the monitor, TCL said it went through a lot of technical difficulties.

34-inch R1000 165Hz ultra-wide gaming monitorFeatures and Specifications of TCL’s Gaming Monitor

  • The monitor has a screen ratio of 21:9 and a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels.
  • It also has a high refresh rate of 165Hz and adopts the super curvature feature of the R1000.

How TCL did it?

  • The company has also revealed how it did the work that seems to be impossible at first sight. In designing the monitor, TCL said it went through a number of technical complexities. The display is, first of all, more curved than the 1500R models. The higher the curvature, the heavier the glass breaking strength criteria are. For this purpose, to balance the curvature of the glass equally and it also reduces stress on the glass, the company has standardized the backlight design of the TV too.
  • The larger is the curvature, the larger is the effect on the image quality of the screen, and the harder it is to change. In order to prevent the irregular display from occurring after the LCD panel is bent, TCL created a targeted matching design on the alignment film to overcome the disparity in curvature between the upper and lower base plates.
  • For the first time this June, when TCL made a big and major breakthrough in 1000R curvature displays when they revealed a Samsung-supplied 27-inch QHD screen. It is announced that the company expects to begin producing 49-inch 1000R curvature panels in the future.

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