Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Supermodel Anja Rubik

Social media users have praised their Vogue Poland for supporting the pro choice campaigners that is following by the ruling to ban abortions in Poland in all but in some exceptional cases.  Polish model Anja Rubik at the age of 37 had stripped off to appear on three different covers for the glossy publication entitled with ‘The Power of Women’ that response is to the country now having some of the most draconian abortion laws in Europe which has the sparked nationwide protests during last month.

Anja’s Instagram post

She posted her photos on Instagram for share the covers on a alongside impassioned captions accusing in Poland of suppressing the women and restricting their reproductive is rights in addition to penning with an open letter and the describing the nation as ‘divided’. By sharing the first cover in her Instagram she got 1.2 million followers she also posted naked with a red robe tying with her wrist together and a lightning bolt on her cheek.

Supermodel Anja RubikPolish community for every decades

She describing the covers as the ‘most important and personal’ of her career she had said A woman’s right to choose is a litmus test or test for a healthy with the progressive society. The decision had been taken by the Constitutional Court will have an impact on the Polish community for every decades. Expanding on her point Anja wrote that Picture making is her language that was the way that she expresses her protest, her rebellion, her strength, her pain, her anger and a hope. She believes that photography has enormous power and it can attract attention, arouse the emotions, start conversations with a mobility with their two action and change.

Anja had posted a second cover

Power enslaves the women with prohibitions of abortion and restrictions on reproductive rights. Reproductive rights are the human rights; they guarantee the possibility and the freedom to decide what is about our life, our body, our health and our fate. Anja had posted a second cover where she is seen standing naked while wearing one shoe and holding a container filled with red smoke. Racking up more than a 120,000 likes, she wrote that she wanted to reflect our protest and our strength. She was naked in the photo. In patriarchal systems of a woman’s body is sexualized and it is shamed and it is shown as something wrong and indecent.

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