Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021
Poland's Largest Protests

Angered by the Court’s decision to ban abortions around ten thousand females go to the streets in Poland on Friday. Bringing with it a week of Protests in the Country. Bluntly refusing to address the dangers of COVID-19 and prosecution.

Ten thousand women were heartbroken when the court decided to ban all abortions in Poland converging in Warsaw. The action hardens the big demos in-country post Communism end of 1989.
With music theme from Star Wars, Darth Vader aiming the government with music blaring from loudspeakers women flood the street of the capital.

Women were connected by thousands of men and groups believing that the earned freedom of the post-communist era is going way in the reign of autocratic Law and the Justice Party. Friday’s rally took with it a large demonstration. Police count approximately 430000 people in the demonstration. Around 400 places witnesses the demo on Wednesday. Protests were peaceful. Friday’s rally brings officials attention to Warsaw Street. The doubt being right-wing activist violence.

Poland's Largest ProtestsProtestors view and right-wing party

Bartosz Bekier, head of Falanga in a discussion says a thousand nationalists will take part in the protest and are trained in combat tactics. The police vocalize soccer hooligans attack protestors by putting flares, bringing the attention of officials in force. Such a big scale of the demonstration is not seen after the Solidarity movement in the 1980s leading to the falling of the Communist government.

As per the analysis, major hurt is felt in Poles of the court’s verdict on Oct 22 to virtually prohibit abortion. The court’s decision has stopped pregnancy terminations for fetal abnormalities, the only abortion allowed in Poland. Abortion of fetus from rape and life-threatening events are legalized.

The country is deeply religious with 33 million of 38 million registered as Roman Catholic. The anger brewing was unexpected. Zuza Rawa a baptized catholic says she does not feel being part of an organization threatening reforms.

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