Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

POCO is finally becoming an independent brand. Back in mid-January, Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi India CEO, announced in a tweet that POCO is now going to be an independent brand. Today, an official statement was issued by POCO that it is “going independent.”

POCOPOCO is now an independent brand

Since its launch in 2018, Poco has reported that it has sold over six million phones worldwide. Poco, the company revealed via its social media platforms, is becoming an independent name internationally. In the recent past, though, it has brought in phones that have mostly rebadged some popular Redmi versions. The press release was posted via the official POCO Global account on Twitter that some of its achievements as well as its famous models and “brand promises” are listed. The latest change comes over 10 months after Xiaomi split from its Indian affiliate and became an independent brand. Back in 2018, the Chinese giant presented Poco to the industry as its sub-brand. Thanks to the success of the Poco F1, which launched as the first phone under the Poco name, the company initially gained notoriety among young smartphone buyers. It has entered more than 35 global markets in the span of three years, according to POCO. India, the U.K., Spain, and Italy are some of these markets. POCO also refers to its very first handset, the POCO F1, as according to data from its own sales team and Canalys, achieved over 2.2 million shipments.

What POCO has to claim now?

POCO has announced it has sold over 6 million POCO phones worldwide. The total number of POCO-branded smartphone sales since 2018 reflects this figure. While POCO did not launch its second smartphone until the start of this year after the 2018 release of the POCO F1, 6 million sounds small. It is a market that is very competitive.
The Chinese producer says that the three brand commitments will remain firm with
  • Technology that matters
  • Feedback-based product design
  • Ever evolving

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What to expect from POCO in upcoming future?

Now that POCO has announced that it will become an independent brand, we expect upcoming phones to be rebadged not with Redmi phones, but with devices originally developed. We also expect POCO to expand into other
products, such as wearables and portable battery packs. Perhaps the POCO Pop Buds will soon launch and come with other audio items.

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