Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Plane Crash

A plane crash took place near Billings Logan International Airport on 30th October, Friday. One person was killed and a dog, per Mick McCarthy, the Airport’s operations Supervisor reports. Air traffic control mentions the crash taking place at 7.05 pm.

The first responders neared the crash at 8.45 pm. The plane fell in a forest off Rimtop Drive Airport Road North direction. McCarthy further says the terrain is not good long with being heavy forestation, along with the ravine.

McCarthy says the model of the plane is called Cessna 172. He did not talk about the pilot’s name. the destination of flying is still a mystery. He further states the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are in touch.

Plane CrashThe organizations investigating the Crash

Many crews have responded to the ruckus. Billings Fire Department, DNRC, Billings Airport Fire Department, Yellowstone County Sherriff’s Department, Animal Control, and American Medical Response are some of the people. Multiple crews responded to the emergency situation after the airport tower loses communication with the private aircraft.

Fire crews found a plane near the runway. As per witnesses, there was no fire or threat to people residing. The Federal Aviation Administration is to extract details.

The pilot’s well being is not known. Billings Logan International Airport is in Montana. The Airport runs two miles northwest of downtown Billings, in Yellowstone county International airport.

It is the biggest airport in Montana. The elevation is 1,113 m with prime airlines Alpine Air Express, Cape Air & Nantucket Airlines, and Corporate Air. So far, there have been 4 reporting of air vehicles crash alone in the US.

Inclusive of Austin- Bergstrom International Airport runway accident, Calabasas Helicopter crash. Along with Delta Air Lines Flight 89 and Kenai Peninsula mid-air collision. This is the scenario when many flights were suspended this year. No wonder how many aircraft crashes the world sees in a usual year.

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