Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Minneapolis Protest

Hundreds of protestors marched from two different locations of Minneapolis on Wednesday night in order to protest the Presidential Elections 2020- before entering onto Interstate 94 and being arrested. WCCO’s Jennifer Mayerle said that two groups of protesters, led by Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, were predicted to march a span of 2 miles- one starting on Cedar Avenue in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, and the other from the Hennepin County Government Centre downtown- then a whole loop back. Though the exact routes weren’t revealed by the reports. They had first began to gather at the sites at around 6 p.m., and then proceeded to march from 7.15 p.m. At approximately 7.40 pm, giant hordes of people started to walk out into eastbound Interstate 94 at CedarAvenue, which resulted in heavy traffic and roads being blocked for miles ahead. By 8.15, WCCO’s Jeff Wagner stated that tension began to brew between the protesters and law enforcements, with many citizens refusing to even sit down.

Minneapolis ProtestProtestors Tried To Escape Arrest

The riot gear-clad law enforcements were also on the move inside the Interstate, making sure to maintain a 50-yard distance from the protesters. At 8 p.m., WCCO members witnessed dozens of protesters attempting to scale the fences to get out of the Interstate as officers approached. Five minutes later, police informed the protesters that they needed to sit down and prepare to be arrested, announced through loudspeakers. Westbound I-94 was then shut down for good as well. Around 8.30 p.m., Minnesota State Patrol troopers had started to arrest around 200 people near the eastbound side of the Interstate, close to the Riverside Avenue exit. The arrest lasted for hours altogether and it isn’t clear if the protesters will be transported to a detention center, or simply arrested and released within the next few hours.

Protesting Against The “Lesser Of Two Evils

At around 9, the demonstrators struck a deal with the law enforcement parties to permit the protesters who were parents, to be arrested and processed quickly. The MSP said that though they respect the right of everyone to express themselves under the First Amendment, the freeway is not the place to do that, on Twitter. The protestors were being arrested with the media not being allowed to enter/exit the Interstate. Mayerle said that the protest was heavily predicted and was bound to occur due to and during the Presidential Elections. Organizers claimed that they wanted to see Biden win, but it won’t have any immediate effect on the lives of the oppressed people. They used chants such as “Don’t let Trump steal the election” and “A Biden win will not give the freedom we demand.”, while also stating that they would very much prefer “choosing between two evils.”, for if Biden wins, the oppressed will have nothing to lose but if Trump wins, they will have everything to lose. They also mentioned that they were not only protesting the elections, but also against the agendum of a pandemic, recession and racism, with Minneapolis being the deathbed of George Flyod, who died to one of its officer’s knees on his neck, suffocating him to his death.

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